About us

We’ve been working together as a creative team for seven years, sharing a kitchen for five, and trying to teach a dog tricks for two. Our blog is loosely based on our experiences in what we call the Saturday night test kitchen, where we try new recipes and experiment with new ingredients. Sometimes it’s a great success and sometimes it’s a dog’s breakfast, but in the end we always learn something. Our passion for authentically good food sustains our relationships to our friends and family, lends a rich vitality to the seasons, and connects us to the delicious city of Montreal.

rl_smRob Lee
Rob likes to have fun, push boundaries, be spontaneous, do several things at once, and listen to frantic cocktail music while making dinner. He’s the visuals guy.


dr_smDavid Rollins
David is constantly turning the music down, thinking about what to do next, and making plans and lists to maintain the illusion of order. He’s the words guy.


Although Max’s days at the race track are over, he’s still fast out of the gate when it comes to trying to snap up bits of what ever we are cooking in the kitchen.


§ 24 Responses to “About us”

  • Joe Hamilton says:

    This is so cool!
    Miss you guys and hope to see you soon.

  • John Hull says:

    Hi Rob, David and Max!

    Congrats on getting this blog set up. It looks great. I look forward to trying some of the recipes! Good luck from Auckland.


  • Christine Reid (Marcoux) says:

    Dav Darling,
    I LOVE IT!!! xoxo

  • AMB says:

    WOW ! Les gars ! Vous êtes dans les Internettes !
    I’ll bring the girls and we’ll watch Ratatouille.
    How about that ?
    AMB xx

  • Margo MacDonald says:

    Marvellous site, guys. Makes me very hungry.

  • Guillaume says:

    I’m in love with every post, great mouth-watering pictures and intensely pleasurable words to go with them.

    Keep up the good work, this is a keeper for the blogroll!

  • And I know the two of you! This is so cool.

  • Patricia says:

    In an off-blog moment with David and Rob I was the ecstatic recipient of the very prettiest, mostest delicious cupcakes ever made by man or angels: Peppermint Pattycakes. Do we have a picture?? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jon says:

    Tan-fastic! Many moments of alchemical brilliance coming out of the test kitchen. Chapeau!

  • Steven Larsen says:


    The food looks sinfully good, you and Rob look fabulous but let’s be honest; the real eye candy is Max. Miss you all.


    West Jordan (sounds like an exotic locale if you just leave it at that, doesn’t it?)

    PS tried pupusas for the first time with Stuart in D.C. Have you given some thought to the cuisine of Central America?

  • Brian McMillan says:

    Belated congratulations on the launch! Now I wonder if I will get a book deal if I blog about the experience of recreating all the recipes on your blog in a year while discovering my true direction in life, love, and career…

  • What beautiful site! I love the layout,gorgeous photos, and delicious recipes you have here. I saw your site from the foodieblogroll and what a great find this is :)

  • Tonia says:


    The mouth watering descriptions of the food should be illegal.
    The visual captions of the recipies should be outlawed.
    The creators should be rangled up and brought in for questioning.

    In order to further avoid complaint action, please add the following to your blog:
    1.) The squirt option of a whif of the smell in your kitchen while you are cooking, wafting out of my computer.
    2.) A lick feature in my screen that I may partake in these delights.
    3.) Canada Post first class delivery service with portions of your recipies mailed to me so that I can eat while reading the recipe’s description.

    This complaint will disappear upon further blog development. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  • neighbour says:

    how have you both been?
    january seems to have been a busy month…
    hope all is well and that we can catch up soon.

  • nakedbeet says:

    So glad to have found you through F52. Your photos are just as stunning, David, thank you! Your Saturday evening experiments sound very familiar to my Saturday afternoon experiments and the necessary light. Happy blogging and cooking, guys.

  • Rob says:

    We use available daylight for the photos, so in the winter time, we do tend to cook a little earlier in the day to catch the light. BTW, we love your blog to. Gorgeous photos and a great read.

  • diane says:

    Love your blog.

  • Annie Daoust says:

    Je viens de lire le texte de ta présentation… c’est tellement toi !
    À bientôt,

  • David says:

    Ouain, Annie, tu me connais pas mal. Je m’ennuies parfois de nos aventures. Je t’embrasses!

  • harry howe says:

    what a feast on a perfect maine evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    many thanks-
    cheers to the sugar snap pea!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bravo pour votre blog !
    les photos sont superbes et les recettes ont l’air tellement délicieuses que même ce matin de bonheur j’avais “l’eau à la bouche”
    Mon anglais laisse à désirer mais mon mari est gourmand, avec son aide plus le net j’arriverai bien à traduire quelques unes de vos recettes !

    Bonne cuisine

  • Danielle H. says:

    Hi, I am a Montrealer in voluntary love/work exile in NYC and stumbled on your charming blog while surfing the Net for a recipe for a frisée aux lardons. I still visit JT market as often as I can but seeing your site (and finally getting some decently cold weather here) made me miss Montréal even more.

    Keep up the mouth-watering work, but one quibble — Balthazar is way better than Pastis, no, if you can brave the crowds? And right across from Sur la table, too. Cheers, les gars.

  • shelly says:

    I love your blog! It is very inspiring. The food looks so delicious and fresh and appetizing.

  • Lovin Spirit says:

    So glad that I happened upon “The Dog’s Breakfast”. He may be a little mad at me because I intend on getting to his breakfast before he does. :)

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