breakfast is served.

September 13th, 2011 § 7

We’re back, with heartfelt thanks to readers and fellow bloggers who have written to say – WTF?. After two years of blogging, the process of posting started getting unwieldy. The blog was nagging us to spend more time in the kitchen, more money on accessories, more time on photo retouching, etc. We needed to take a break, and restore weekends to a more natural purpose.

So we’re taking another stab at it, hoping that we’ll succeed in making the blog a more spontaneous and casual expression of what we want our food and our time in the kitchen to be: vital, simple, inspired. With the toughest of these three being simple. It’s harder than we thought. But in late summer, after being reminded by feasts with friends and family why we started blogging in the first place, it seems selfish not to try sharing. Here are some highlights from an especially delicious summer.


The squirrels on our balcony have enjoyed chewing through the stems of our rainbow chard all summer long. We’ve tried toothpicks, mothballs, blood meal, and sicking our dog Max on them, all in vain. They are hellbent on systematic destruction. One evening last summer we potted some miniature roses and the next morning, each of the blossoms had been carefully bitten off. It’s a problem amongst all of our neighbours. We joke about poisoning the squirrels and then someone will say “Et ensuite nous allons commencer à tirer sur les oiseaux? Voyons.” (And next we start shooting the birds? Come on.)


This is our recreation of a meal we had at Lawrence, a local restaurant whose love and respect for food brought tears to our eyes as we tasted it. ‘Cod and clams’ the dish was simply called, although it also featured the earth’s newest potatoes, and samphire, which is also known as sea cucumber, glasswort, and by several other names. Seasoning this dish with salt, we learned, is gilding the lily.


Our current poison: Manhattans. Directly related to a deepening interest in Bourbon, which we’ve also been using in the world’s greatest steak au poivre. We have half a mind to not blog the recipe, so we can sell it. Also pictured here are some random summer vegetables with our favourite treatment for lambchops: garlic, lemon zest, rosemary and mint. We’ll never cook them any other way.


These are shots from a cabin in Québec’s Eastern Townships. It’s called Peacehaven, and for a reason. Swimming in this lake is like spinning in the centre of your favourite vinyl album, with warm grooves of natural, analog sound gyrating slowly ’round you. Loons at night, total blackout as Irene hit, roaring fireplace, the works.


Summer blockbuster number one: grilled pizza Margherita. A lesson in simplicity.


A couple of shots from Ogunquit, where we’ve spent the past seven summers with our best friends, acting twenty years younger than we all actually are.


Blockbusters two and three: grilled peaches and grilled corn. The peaches have inspired candid disbelief from first-timers. Yes, it’s peaches tossed in honey, and grilled, using tongs. Favourite accompaniments: grilled corn muffins and mascarpone, or crème fraîche and a little fresh thyme. Thanks for coming to the Dog’s Breakfast. We’ll be back again soon.

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§ 7 Responses to “breakfast is served.”

  • Marie-Eve says:

    So happy to have you back!! Great post!

  • Nataly says:

    Yey! Looking forward to the future posts! And to say I almost gave up…

  • Kate says:

    Oh JOY! Delighted to have you back. Pace yourselves, and remember you’re among friends, not foes. We want

  • Victor says:

    YAY, more! I’ll be happy to read these if and when you post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bruce says:

    I am new at looking at your blog. Love the idea. But I want to know what exactly does Max the dog get. I don’t see too many screw ups yet. Or is it just to lick your plates after you have eaten everything?

    Just curious. My dog Bert would love to follow up after you are done.

    Bruce in SF, CA

  • OMG–you’re back!! So glad to hear you’re getting into bourbon, especially for fall. Please try my “Eldred”: bourbon, lemon juice and maple syrup. I swear by it; that and Booker’s. I’ve missed you…

  • shayma says:

    so happy to see youre back! i know exactly what you mean regarding the blog taking up a lot of time…

    so excited that you mentioned Lawrence, my husb and i are in Montreal this weekend and Lawrence is on our list! x shayma